104 years of scattered memories.

Far away, near the village of Loudwater, a group of adventurers find a treasure known only as “The Ruby Scepter” at the bottom of a dungeon. Packing up the loot, the party begins to exit as the scepter turns to sand, and the memories of a group of adventurers long lost flood their minds. Somehow, the characters are all strangely attuned to one another — a past life perhaps? Implanted memories? A magical anomaly? Visions of the Keep on the Shadowfell flood the minds of the PCs, and they suddenly realize the group has more potential and purpose than merely looting bugbear infested crypts.

And thus begins the journey of these brave souls as they spell out their own fates in the realms. Alek, a former ranger in the party, leaves with the party’s gold, becoming a thief lord in Calimshan. NobNob of the Broken Twig, a goblin, causes mischief in the party, then leaves to find his way amongst the faithful of Shar. Hound the Gutripper, Dwarf Slayer, gets turned to stone in an epic battle between necromancers, waves of undead, and a duo of dragons. Angeldust, Dragonborn Paladin, eventually falls to these undead as well, protecting the party on their escape with dozens of freed slaves.

The heroes that remain eventually join forces with Zaidos, changeling vampire, and Cyril, human warlord/artificer were-rat. The party attends Zaidos’ family reunion, chases away the Abolethic Sovereignty from Neverwinter, and finds the long-lost Tome of Halaster.

The party constantly reforms amidst defeats and desertion. The last heroes to adventure in this incarnation of Faerun encountered the Tomb of Horrors. Cyril, Zaidos, and Arianis still have yet to surface from the dungeon. Are you brave enough to carry a torch into the dark with these fellows?

About our game

Remembered Realms is a 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons game set in 4th edition Forgotten Realms. Since the 4th edition Forgotten Realms sourcebook omits large amounts of “lore,” I use the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms books to connect the dots. I also take into account newer supplements like the Neverwinter Campaign Setting and Menzoberranzan.

This originated as a home game, with an open invitation to everyone we knew. Eventually, through normal order, people had had kids, changed jobs and where they lived, et cetera. We have one player now, maybe two, depending on the day, and we require more at the table to carry on — so we are extending the invitation to any gamers in the area! That’s right, we want you!

Characters are allowed to have options from any official WotC supplement aside from the Eberron and Dark Sun rules. We don’t run skill challenges as they are in the core rules — we run the usage of skills more like 3rd edition (and editions prior.) Our game has a good bit of roleplaying and storytelling, and some sessions go by without combat at all. All in all, create what you want, though; I tailor the game to what the players want, and try to involve everybody.

About Me

I don’t claim to be the best DM, but I do aim to make sure everyone has fun, everyone’s character can be in the spotlight at some point, and the game is tailored to the wants of the players. I started playing D&D by DM’ing for my grandma with the TSR Silver Anniversary starter box. I picked up 3e and Forgotten Realms when they came out, and played a bit of 3.5 at my friendly local game store, Games and Stuff. I also ran a Ravenloft 3.5 game for a while at my first apartment. We decided to break out D&D again on a whim when come friends were staying here, and the campaign has been running ever since. I’m a big fan of miniatures, maps, tiles, handouts, and physical representations in my games. If you’re interested, I hope to get to game with you!

Remembered Realms

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