Remembered Realms

Catching Up

I realize this adventure log is really out of date, and we haven’t played for a while, so I’ll recap what I can remember from sessions months ago.

The party read the tome of Halaster, and is summoned by Curuvar who explains there is a Dracolich in the area. Unfortunately, he tells them, they are no match for it, and if they want any hope of succeeding, they’ll need to gather an artifact at the bottom of the fabled “Tomb of Horrors,” a skull with precious gemstone eyes.

Over the course of a few sessions, the group has finally managed to make its way into the lower levels of the dungeon, where they have stopped.

A Brother Scorned, pts. 1 & 2.
A family reunion isn't quite as heartwarming as it seems...

A mysterious note is delivered to Zaidos while in Neverwinter — his grandfather Jahosofax has passed. He is requested to attend funeral services, and it is hinted that he has been included in the will. Zaidos has no memory of anything, including family he may have had, places he may have lived, and things he may have done. Digging deep, the only thing Zaidos can really recall, regarding the name Jahosofax, is that he lived close to Loudwater.

The party treks back to Loudwater, where at this point, only Arianis has been. Cyril Grey, a captive adventurer formerly enslaved by dragons (and rescued by the PCs) hails from Neverwinter and its surrounding areas, and has not been to Loudwater. Zaidos remembers nothing of the people or any interaction he may have had here, just its rustic charm, being perched on the frosty river.

Using her ties with Lady Moonfire, Arianis manages to find out that a man named Jahosofax lived deep in the High Moor. Nobody in Loudwater really knows much about him, as he rarely ever visited the town. So the PCs set off on a journey through the High Moor, hoping to avoid too much trouble along the way.

A near miss in diplomacy against an eladrin sentry tower nearly initiates combat for the party, but they manage to turn the situation around at the last second. Arianis even convinces them to let her travel to the top of the tower, in order to get a better vantage point and possibly locate Jahosofax’s mansion. And locate it she does. Wading through super-dense fog, and nearly stumbling into a Green Dragon’s lair on accident, they make their way to Jahosofax’s mansion and meet Zaidos’ brother, who introduces himself as Taidos.

Zaidos’ mother and father are not present here, and it isn’t known why — Zaidos doesn’t even ask. Taidos mentions before the will is read that he is very excited to finally gain Jahosofax’s prized copy of The Tome of Halaster, a book promised to him ages ago. However, when Zaidos is awarded with the book instead, Taidos’ friendly demeanor turns to one of hatred, and he storms out of the mansion.

Fearing anyone who might possibly want the book, the party decides to embark on a return journey to Neverwinter, where their newly gained allies will surely protect them, and give them all time to read the book for its benefits. However, on the return voyage through the High Moor, the most direct route is blocked by a rank-and-file army of undead. A few hours of traveling off course leads them to a farm, where Arnie Giantstomper invites the party to rest overnight. On one condition. They must not, under any circumstances, come near his beautiful daughter Gloria, who seems to fancy every passing traveler a bit too much. The first session ends with an extended rest at Arnie’s barn.

Morning marks the start of the second gaming session, where the adventurers are rudely awakened by the sound of wooden clubs smacking against support beams in the barn. Arnie is standing here, armed to the teeth, with his two sons beside him. His face is red with fury, and accuses Zaidos of sleeping with Gloria overnight. Insight reveals Arnie seems to be telling the truth, but the party knows Zaidos was with them all night long. The group tries their best to explain the situation with Taidos, his hatred for Zaidos, and his ability to shapeshift well, but it all seems to be going through one ear and out the other. Arnie is revealed to be a bit of a country bumpkin, and creatures like changelings, dopplegangers, and illusion magic are all a bit new to him. Realizing this, the party tries to do what they can to reconcile the situation…

Erik (playing this session!) suddenly spots something with perception — there’s another copy of himself in the room, smirking at him. Taidos is here, quite amused with the trouble he’s caused for the adventurers. Unfortunately for Erik, nobody else manages to notice Taidos, and he slips out the back door. Shortly after, a crying Gloria comes to Zaidos, wrapping her arms around him, standing in her father’s way, and shouting “But daddy, I LOVE him!”

Tired of the situation, Arnie takes Zaidos aside. “I tell you what, I’ve got a solution here. To be honest, watching over Gloria has always been a real pain in my ass, and she seems to have taken a real likin’ to you. Take her with you.” The party converses amongst themselves, realizing the troublesome situation is not to be taken lightly. They agree to take her, reluctantly, in order to get out the situation quickly. And with much haste, they leave, taking Gloria in tow. Once back on the main roads, the party decides to leave Gloria with the followers of Selune in Neverwinter. Gloria, saddened that her “love” would ditch her at the first possible opportunity, reveals a secret to the party: She’s pregnant. And that is where our second session ended.


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